Rose School of Karate
Laconia Visit 06/12/06

4th Degree Black Belt Yondan Russ Jones of the Sachem School of Self Defense - who has trained with me since 1985 - invited all of the local C&S Self Defense Association clubs to attend a joint workout at his club in Laconia, NH Monday June 12, 2006. I was asked to teach class, which I glady did and hopefully all had a good time as a result, though I kept them moving. Well, sort of... I took an hour and 40 minutes just doing and discussing the basics. I had a good time anyway!

Besides myself of the Rose School of Karate in Portsmouth, NH, other clubs represented by direct disciples of mine were: Sandan Tim House of the Tai Chien Dojo in Portsmouth, and Nidan Scott Williams of The Red Leaf Karate Club in North Berwick, ME.

Current Picture
The Sachem members gathered for a smile after class!

Current Picture
Nidan Scott Williams, myself, Sandan Tim House and Yondan Russ Jones.

Current Picture
Nidan Scott Williams, myself, and Sandan Tim House.

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