Resume Vitae of Peter M. Rose
New Durham, New Hampshire —

Current Status
Retired from full time employment in 2015 to work on personal projects for my companies Riverside Software Development, and Longwood Currency Trading. Available for selected short contracts dealing in the analysis, and design, or project coordination for web based Enterprise Java business applications.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Senior Java/J2EE Programmer/Analyst specializing in web based business applications.
  • Analysis, design, coding, and full Object Oriented life cycle development from front end GUI (JSP/Servlets/J2EE frameworks, HTML/CSS, XML, and JavaScript) through business object layer to JDBC using J2EE, Java Web Services, Agile best practices methodologies and standards.
  • Solid analytical, programmatic, organizational, and communication skills.

Education and Certifications
1972: B.S. Physics, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois.
1995, 2008, 2014: U.S. Department of Defense Secret level Security Clearance.

Technical Skills - Current:
Java/J2EE, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Agile Methodologies and Test Driven Development, JSP, Servlets, J2EE frameworks (Struts 1.39, Struts 2.3, intro to Spring 3.5), Tomcat, SQL/JDBC, Eclipse, and NetBeans Java IDE, HTML/CSS, XML, JavaScript, Oracle, MySQL, Design Patterns, requirements gathering and analysis, Use Cases, project specifications/plans and user documentation, DreamWeaver, Web Services using Apache Axis-1_4 api and JWS under Metro, JUnit, MockObjects, UML, Subversion version control system with its Windows client TortoiseSVN, VSS, exposure to GIT and linux ubuntu mint.

09/15 - current: Riverside Software Development, New Durham, NH
After completing my last position, I decided to work on my own projects through my DBA firm, Riverside Software Development (, and only consider selected engagements when and if they presented themselves.
Java/J2EE, Servlets, JSP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML,Tomcat, Eclipse, Netbeans, MySQL, JDBC, Struts(1.39), and a little experimentation with linux ubuntu under a mint wrapper.
Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Web based business applications analysis, design, development, and maintenance for propitiatory projects and selected engagements.
  • Software business applications development, and Object Oriented Analysis and Design education and mentoring

08/14 - 09/15: U.S. Department of Defense NAVSEA NSLC, Portsmouth, NH
Under Dell Systems Government Services contracting to the U.S. Department of Defense Naval Sea Logistics Command. (Contract completed.)
Java/J2EE, Struts(1.39/2.3), JSP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML, JDBC, Tomcat, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Oracle, Toad, VSS, and a little GIT.
Senior Programmer/Analyst
  • U.S. DoD Secret Security Clearance required to work in a Restricted area at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
  • Re-hired back into former position (see full description under 07/08 - 09/12 period) to address backlog of work for a 1 year budgeted contract period.
  • Responsible for all change requests for enhancements and new functionality for the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) web business application.
  • Completed on time my estimated 8 month project for doing the initial research and then full migration of a current large Struts 1.39 project (PPIRS) code base to Struts 2.3.
09/12 - 08/14: Self Employed
During this period of unprecedented economic recession, I invested my time and energy in myself by continuing development on several personal on-going complex Java/J2EE web and Swing projects, as well as investigating the basics of front end communication components of the Spring framework.
Java/J2EE, Struts (1.39), Spring (2.5, 3.5), JSP, Tomcat, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML, JDBC, MySQL, Java Swing.
Self Employed
  • Continued development of several complex ongoing Java/J2EE web based (and Java Swing) projects.
  • Also investigated Spring (2.5 and 3.5) by working on the controller layer of a simple application.
07/08 - 09/12: U.S. Department of Defense NAVSEA NSLC, Portsmouth, NH
Under Dell Systems Government Services (formerly Perot Systems) contracting to the U.S. Department of Defense Naval Sea Logistics Command. (Position terminated due to Reduction In Force.)
Java/J2EE, Struts/JSP, Tomcat, JWS Java Web Services with Metro and Axis, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML, JDBC, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Oracle, Toad, VSS.
Senior Programmer/Analyst
  • U.S. DoD Secret Security Clearance required to work in a Restricted area at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
  • Responsible for all change requests for enhancements and new functionality for the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) web business application. This critical application processes delivery and quality performance metric data from all DoD service branches and condenses it into summary and detail analysis reports for both contractors and government administrators. The application is used primarily by government administrators to determine contract awards to non-government companies.
  • Sole designer and developer of the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System, (FAPIIS) application. This application was designated by the DoD to be the sole source for government administrators to obtain adverse performance and debarment information on companies and individules doing business with the DoD. For this, I wrote numerous web service client modules using Axis web services to access required information at other government agencies. However, government policy changed, and I rewrote all of these Axis services into JWS under Metro web services.
  • Sole designer and developer of the FAPIIS Public Access application, a congressionally mandated system for public open access to PPIRS data. I wrote JWS under Metro web services components for both client and server web services for this effort.

01/08 - 06/08: Liberty Mutual, Dover, NH
One of the largest auto and property insurers in the world. (Contract completed.)
Java/J2EE, Struts/JSP, HTML/CSSCSS, JavaScript, XML, Rational, Ruby Watir Scripts, CVS.
Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Worked on web based property insurance policy management functionality (quote, rate, bind, produce, and endorse) in the Personal Lines Group, Customer First application.
  • Front end work consisted of using Ruby to write Watir Script tests for complex JSP business screen flow and property testing as well as adjustments to xml rules based validation processes.
  • Resolved over 50 defect tickets when contract ended.

08/06 - 01/08: Wright Express, Portland, ME
Issuer and transaction processor for one of the largest private label gas and oil credit cards in the country with over four million cards in active use. Assigned to the Web Application Products group which was responsible for the enhancement and maintenance of eight major Java/J2EE web applications. These were client facing back office and administration applications fleet managers use to manage the dependencies between their fleets, cards, vehicles, and drivers.
Java/J2EE, Struts/JSP, Tomcat, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML, IntelliJ, JUnit, JDBC, MockObjects, tomcat, Toad, Subversion, TortoiseSVN.
Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Completed approximately 120 defect or enhancement tickets, of which 6 were extensive UI to backend feature enhancements or major business process flow changes.
  • On average, about thirty five percent effort was at the UI level using Struts/JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML doing everything from minor addition of a button and JavaScript control to major page redesign or restructuring.
  • About sixty percent effort was in the server side java business objects using JUnit/MockObjects where appropriate. Many times, work required creation of new controller Action classes and associated helper object graphs. Where reasonable and possible, I tried to incorporate strategy, command, and factory design patterns as there were few interfaces or use of polymorphism in these systems.
  • The remaining five percent of my time was either using JDBC or making adjustments to existing SQL.

03/04 - 04/06: L.L. Bean, Freeport, ME
World respected international manufacturer of classic American outdoor clothing, shoes, boots, furniture, and equipment. Initially assigned to the Merchandising Group's ProductMaint project which maintains and coordinates all product related data for L.L. Bean, I then spent a year assisting in the coding of the brand new CAP Corporate Assortment Planning project which was to replace existing legacy systems and enable L.L. Bean merchandisers to plan hundreds of millions of dollars of seasonal product production years out in advance.
Java/J2EE, JSP/Servlets, WebWork/Velocity, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML, WSAD, DB2, Agile Methodologies, JUnit, MockObjects, Subversion, TortoiseSVN and a variety (approximately 20) of open source tools.
Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Used Agile programming principals in a full object oriented software development life cycle using iterative and Test Driven Development practices.
  • Coded extensive UI (JSP/WebWork/Velocity, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML) features required by major requirements changes or creation of new pages.
  • Coded Java server side servlet/pojo objects, sometimes requiring creation of an entire new object graphs from a new initiating controller servlet to encapsulate new business functionality.
  • CAP project team members were chosen for their flexibility to change and willingness to embrace new technologies introduced by ThoughtWorks consulting architects.
  • Introduced to and used approximately 20 open source projects such as Webwork/Velocity, JUnit, MockObjects, Ajax, Cobertura, and Selenium in the development work I did on the CAP project.

04/03 - 03/04: Independent Clients
Sporadic work after 911 disaster disrupted industry and those of us who had been working in affected fields
Java, JSP/Servlets, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Eclipse

  • Analysis, design, and proto-type development of a commercial ecommerce catalog web-store for this small two person specialty products startup.
  • Analysis, design, and development of a commercial web based information tracking application. Wrote 25 page preliminary functional and technical specifications document outlining business process flow, database design, screen layout and flow, as well as raw class diagrams. Also created all application framework components from scratch .
  • Analysis, design, and beginning framework development of a commercial web based business affiliate membership application. Wrote 45 page business process, functional and technical specifications document. Designed and developed most of the base servlets, business service, and simulated database interaction classes to create a raw working proto-type system as "proof of concept".

01/01 - 04/03: SITA Advanced Travel Solutions, Burlington, MA
200 person division of SITA which designs and builds complex web based reservations and bookings systems for airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and large travel agencies. (Unable to recover from 911 turmoil, office moved to U.K.)
Java, JSP/Servlets, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Eclipse, JRun.
Senior Software Engineer

  • Analysis, design, and coding of flight reservations business components from front end presentation JSP UI to back end server side JavaBean business objects using general J2EE development framework standards. Development done under Windows NT ported to Solaris 7 production servers. Oracle 8i database access via TOAD.
  • Designed and coded a pluggable JavaBean/JavaScript system to create dynamically filled html select list based on user selection from another html select list. Wrote several thousand line administrative servlet and bean based application that allows client ability to interactively maintain datasource for lists via web interface. Wrote detailed end user training manual. Awarded bonus for contribution and extension to company code utility library.
  • Lead engineer on two major systems conversions using new company base product templates for an airline client. This included not only front end HTML/JSP presentation templates, but also Java servlet and bean service objects.
  • Main point of contact for all issues with major airline client. Involves not only site enhancements, but also working with client to obtain full requirements for the design and coding for all additional system functionality projects.
  • Identified need for, designed, and coded a more robust and extensible multi-language web page display process for a major airline client. System was fully XML data based (foundationed on an existing XML service layer) and used Java servlet and bean service objects to dynamically generate appropriate data to corresponding JSP pages.

02/00 - 08/00: ProfitTools, Newmarket, NH
10 person startup for dispatch and operations applications development in PowerBuilder for the trucking industry. (position eliminated)
PowerBuilder, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
Head of Technical Operations

  • Analysis and preliminary design for a specialized distributed Java/HTTP based internet messaging application with XML components.
  • Analysis and design for several new PowerBuilder software applications.
  • Company wide technical organization and administrative management and creation of 3 departments: Development, Internal Technical Operations, and Customer Support.
  • Designed and coded 2 major frames based web sites for the company as well as several starter sites for several clients.

09/95 - 02/00: NECX, Peabody, MA
$400M+ business dealing with both b2c computer peripheral ecommerce and b2b memory and ic chip trading. 50+ person IT department. (left when company was purchased and reorganized)
Java, PowerBuilder, HTML, FoxPro, MS-Project.
Senior Technical Business Analyst - NECX Exchange (05/98)

  • Senior Analyst and Designer for NECX's Operations Logistics System, a complex object oriented browser based proactive shipment in transit status notification system.
  • Project Implementation Manager for Aspect core product integration with NECX WebExchange.
  • Rollout Project Manager for NexGen, NECX's Java 1.2 JFC Swing/web based Global Trading Floor Operations application.
  • Project Coordinator/CoManager for the analysis, selection, negotiation, and implementation of Oracle v11 ERP (financials and order fulfillment) with full responsibility for negotiation, selection, and implementation management of a new warehouse distribution system.
  • Project Manager for all NECX Y2k compliance.
  • Project Manager for Worcester project: the separation of NECX into two distinct entities. Required the creation of a duplicate set of accounting and distribution systems on two separate servers.

Project Leader/Senior Developer - NECX Direct (04/97)

  • Executed the full analysis, technical design, and management for the following major web based eCommerce projects:
    • Cobrand: A joint web site cobranding of NECX with numerous partners including: InfoSeek, CMP TechShopper, Knight-Rider, CNet, and other major partners.
    • EDI Software Licensing: Created the first web based electronic software license purchasing capability. Written up in many of the trade journals, it brought NECX to the forefront of attention in this area.
    • Institutional Partners: Specialized web page display and pricing configurations for institutional partners such as M.I.T. and University of Pittsburgh.
  • Technical management of multiple projects, developers, and supporting staff at a time. From just 04/97 to 03/98, for example, I was responsible for the full requirements analysis, design, and technical management of over 20 diverse electronic commerce web based projects. Several of these projects resulted in tens of millions of dollars of increased transactions for the company.

Senior Programmer/Analyst - NECX Exchange (09/96)

  • Responsible for the analysis, design, and coding of more than a half dozen GUI based PowerBuilder 5.0 data analysis modules which were used as part of the conversion process of some of our FoxPro systems to a more robust client/server Sybase environment. Also involved some HTML browser display from Java administrative applications design/development.
  • Responsible for the requirements analysis, database design, and design analysis for all modules of Phase 3 of the Shipping Automation System: International and Domestic Freight Shipment Handling, Warehouse Floor Pallet Assignment, Order Freeze Routines, Shippers Letter of Instructions User Input Module, and Traffic Department Freight Rating Interface.
Programmer/Analyst - NECX Exchange
  • Selected as 1 of only 8 IT staff to be on the Java based NECX Object Oriented Software Development Life Cycle Planning Committee.
  • Wrote 150 page Shipping Automation System Programmer's Technical Reference Documentation.
  • Promoted to full project responsibility of the Shipping Automation System in February of 1996. Responsibility for design and implementation of Phase 2 of the System after successfully implementing Phase 1.
  • Completed multiple projects dealing with the catalog management and presentation of memory chips, semiconductors, and IC Exchange products.

01/95 - 09/95: Stanley Associates, Inc., Portsmouth, NH
Company expanded from 200 person DoD development group in Arlington, VA to managing U.S. Government Passport Processing Center in Portsmouth, NH and developing custom software applications for the State of New Hampshire. (left because company ceased all local FoxPro development projects)
Software Engineer

  • Project NHPRTIX: Fully responsible for requirements analysis, database and program design, and coding of the State of New Hampshire Department of Parks and Recreation's Hampton Beach Parking Ticket Project. Written in FoxPro 2.5b for Windows, the system catalogs and manages all parking ticket and meter administration for Hampton Beach.
  • Project NHBIS: Analysis and design, coding, testing, delivery, and training for the entire Aggregate Report Module. Created over fifty SQL based multi table/multi key field reports and over 40 programs and data entry/update screens.

10/91 - 01/95: Casco Bay Software, Newmarket, NH
Startup that developed and marketed JOBFIT, an employment agency recruiting application. (company closed)

  • Worked as a software engineering technical recruiter with parent company, Software Networks until mid 1992 when I took over design and full development responsibility for JOBFIT, an employment agency recruiting application that I wrote in FoxPro for Windows 2.6. Also designed and coded over 6,000 lines of FoxPro for Windows 2.6 for: MemberLoc, a membership and affiliated site location information management system, and CMTrack, a customer marketing and sales DBMS.

07/86 - 10/91: Oakes Financial Services, Dover, NH
Because of my business and real estate experience, I started with this small services company as an in-house mortgage broker. (company closed in mortgage crisis of 1991)
Vice President Mortgage Broker Operations/Mortgage Broker

  • Responsible for all mortgage brokerage accounts and lender source development and contact. Preliminary underwriting for all direct loans. Financial consulting. Business plan development. Obtained NH 1st Mortgage Banker license, 2nd Mortgage Broker license, and Maine Arranger of Credit license. Office systems development and implementation: Pascal/dBASE/Q&A.

05/82 - 03/86: cLINE, Inc., Portsmouth, NH
Company consisted of software applications development for town municipalities and insurance companies as well as systems development of C/dBase language cEnglish — C, dBase, cEnglish.(company relocated to San Diego, CA)
03/85 - 03/86: Director of Production and Shipping

  • Designed structure of these two departments as no existing framework in place. Full responsibility for all inventory management, purchasing, product production, and national and international shipping. Designed and programmed numerous admin/back office applications (dBase and cEnglish) that were used to operate and manage department activities.

05/82 - 03/85: Programmer

  • Designed and wrote in a hybrid of C and cENGLISH V2.0 a large module to handle Teller Transactions for an application designed for credit unions.
  • Wrote an Employee Time Allocation Status System in C to run on PCs for the software development group of cLINE.
  • Designed and developed PartsTrack, a multi-table dBASE manufacturing parts assembly/sub-assembly inventory and pricing system.
  • Translated dBASE II programs into C and cENGLISH V1.0 for an insurance actuarial system being developed for a major client.
  • One of the first members of the company to deal with phone technical support issues.
  • Responsible for all training and education of company's in-house staff, national distributors, and major clients in the use of company's systems software and programming language.
  • Wrote all initial technical documentation and user manuals (several hundred pages).

09/72 - 05/82: Self Employed
Real Estate investment and management. Obtained NH Real Estate Brokers license 1978. Current active status.

Self Defense and Karate Instruction. I have been involved in martial arts since 1968, and am responsible for overseeing the activities of 20 affiliated clubs under the C&S Self Defense Association as its Senior Grandmaster as well as being Owner and Head Instructor of the Rose School of Karate since 1972. Author of 170 page Theoretical and Applied Karate and 30 page A Master Speaks.

General Studies. With purchase of one of the first Apple II+ computers in 1978 (later upgrading to PC), I taught myself Pascal and over the next 5 years continued programming studies in some of the areas in physics I had studied in college and had written in FORTRAN. Author of 150 page manuscript on commodity price behavior and money management techniques, and wrote in excess of 8,000 lines of Pascal code for project Cmod: a stock and commodity price technical analysis study. Interests: Martial Arts, programming, sailing, reading, business, backgammon, history, philosophy, writing, psychology, meditation, and science.

Highlights of Design and Development Experience
Proven specialized technical expertise in the analysis, design, and development of a broad range of over 25 different and diverse complex business problem domains through the full range of the Object Oriented Software Development Cycle.

Proponent of an iterative design and development process, iterative component refactoring, and test first practice where applicable. Rigorous advocate of building well documented, highly cohesive, and loosely coupled business objects adhering to the M-V-C design pattern.

Strong interpersonal skills in dealing with non-technical clients in requirements analysis and development of projects and applications. Specific ability to dissect complex business requirements into understandable and cohesive units of work, and to translate this into a bug free, extensible, and maintainable programmatic solution that is highly cost effective for employer. Track record of delivering solutions that directly improve gross sales for employer and client.

Open to change and new technologies. Work well both independently and in a team environment as well as experience as a project lead guiding multiple projects at a time. Trusted to work with clients from project/application inception through coding to completion and post delivery maintenance and enhancement.

Fast learner, unafraid of change, chaotic environments or difficult clients. Applies the same design and care to the development of the smallest discrete components to the complex systems construction. Excellent writing skills with numerous manuscripts on various aspects of Object Oriented software development at both beginning and advanced topic level.

Capable of mastering evolving technologies while understanding their impact to an organization. Translate these new technologies and models into tangible results to solve business problems. This includes establish standards of usage, mentoring of development staff and monitoring of future deployments

Continuing Training

  • Oracle Database 10g: PL/SQL Fundamentals - 08/08 (about 40 hours), Robert Half Information Technology OnLine SkillSoft.
  • Oracle Database 10g: SQL Fundamentals I and II - 07/08 (about 40 hours), Robert Half Information Technology OnLine SkillSoft.
  • Java Programming with J2SE 5.0 - 06/08 (about 60 hours), Robert Half Information Technology OnLine SkillSoft.
  • Sun Developing Applications for the J2EE Platform - 05/05 (5 days), Bridge Education, Rocco Saya.
  • BEA Weblogic V5.1, J2EE and EJBs - 02/01 (5 days), Learning Voyage, Askar Ahmed.
  • Advanced Java: Java Swing - 11/99 (2 days), Instruction Set, Bill Eagan.
  • NECX Java Programming Practices - 05/98 (20 hours).
  • Introduction to Java (JDK 1.0.2)- 07/97 (4 days), P.D.G., Dr. James Muller.
  • Building OO Apps With PB- 11/96 (3 days), Waterfield Tech., Mike Neimann.
  • Mastering PB DataWindows- 10/96 (2 days), Waterfield Tech., Bill Heys.
  • Fast Track to PowerBuilder- 09/96 (4 days), Waterfield Tech., Chris Williams.
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML- 08/96 (5 days), Dr. Carl Argila.
  • Excellence Through Customer Service (09/02 3 days), Techniques of Interviewing and Candidate Selection (01/99), Project Planning: Christine Casper of Comm. Motivation Mgmt., Inc. (05/18/98 - 05/20/98), Performance Review Management (12/97), Diversity Training (12/97), Career Management (09/97), Coping With Change (04/97), MS-Project Basics (03/97), Coping With Stress (03/97), Basics of Project Planning Methodology (02/97), 12 Steps To Effective Business Writing (01/97), Write Right (01/97), Stress Management (12/96), Increasing Interpersonal Effectiveness (11/96), Effective Time Management (10/96), Valuing Differences (08/96).

Problem Domain Areas of Design and Development Experience

  • Airline flight reservations and booking systems
  • Warehouse operations
  • Asset management
  • Product distribution
  • Transportation operations systems analysis
  • Internet based inter client messaging design analysis
  • Multi-channel retail product production and assortment planning
  • eCommerce business modeling and systems design
  • User interface design, modeling, and prototyping for client-server and web based systems
  • Product content administration
  • Web based marketing systems design
  • User interface navigation and page presentation design
  • Informational content web page/site development
  • Back office product analysis and internal administration systems
  • Parking ticket administration, tracking, and reporting system
  • Business activity summary report analysis
  • Commodity and stock price behavior modeling and analysis development
  • Real estate broker activity application
  • Trading/Exchange Floor operations software
  • Mortgage brokerage operations and loan tracking
  • Financial data collection and analysis
  • Recruiting industry productivity enhancement software applications
  • Order entry and inventory control tracking
  • Complex product parts configuration and pricing analysis
  • Credit union back end transaction fulfillment
  • Municipal government operations software
  • Translating and rewriting established applications from one language to another
  • Remote sales force client administration
  • Membership administration applications
Other Accomplishments

  • Designed, and developed the following websites: my personal website, C&S Self Defense Association, Arizona Onstage Productions community theater group, Patricia Rose, Realtor, and Melody Pines Condo Association.
  • Other sites designed and developed: United States Navy Sea Cadet Corps Atlantic Seabee Battalion website, the ten piece Motown band Hello Detroit, and the four piece band Miraj.
  • When working for the Department of Navy, NAVSEA, I was the sole designer and developer of the PPIRS system Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System, or FAPIIS application.
  • Author of 250 page manuscript Applied Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming With Java, 140 pages of a manuscript on specialized Object Oriented theory Object Oriented Systems Collaboration and Messaging In Java, and a starting framework for a manuscript on Object Oriented Software Applications Architecture.
  • Author of a collection of white papers on various aspects of software engineering
  • 1998 NECX President's Award for outstanding contribution, as well as numerous NECX Circle of Excellence awards.
  • Stanley Associates required obtaining of government Secret clearance.
  • Unique combination of technical and business experience enables me to excel at getting to the root of a business problem and break it up into manageable units so that my resulting code solution is easily understood, extensible and maintainable.

Technical Skills - Past
Webwork w/Velocity, WSAD (WebSphere Application Development) IDE, as well as using open source projects/tools such as Ajax, Cobertura java code coverage utility, and Selenium gui integration testing tool. Other tools: IntelliJ, RAD, JBuilder, Rational Rose, Rational ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe (VSS), JRun (2.3/3.0/3.1), S-Designer Data Architect, WithClass, MS-Project, Visio, PowerPoint, ABC Flow Chart, MS-FrontPage, Oracle (via TOAD), Quest For DB2, MySQL, Java Swing, FoxPro (8 years with 2.6 Windows, 2.5b DOS), PowerBuilder 5.0 (1.5 years), Pascal (6 years), dBASE II/III+ (2 years), C/UNIX (2 years), DOS, cENGLISH, FORTRAN IV, BASIC.

Past Exposure to Open Source Tools
I used the following tools for a little over a year during 03/04 - 04/06 period at L.L. Bean:

Ant .Selenium, Junit, JSUnit, DBUnit, Mock Objects, Ajax, Stored Proceedure Builder, Cobertura, Simian, WebWork, Velociety Templates, Pico Container, Nanowar, Cruise Control, Eclipse/WSAD, Quest, Clearcase, Webflow.